Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 22:29:37 -0500
From: "Charles Perron" <>
Subject: Re: Stevens Embouchure (Was Buzzing ... Happy New Year)

Concerning the Stevens emboucure Ole wrote:

> 1. Open teeth about 1/2 inch
> 2. Jaw forward
> 3. Corners inward
> 4. Lips rolled slightly inwards
> 5. Lip touches like saying Mmm.
> 6. Mouthpiece placed on embouchure using no pressure
> 7. Blow
> 8. Use tongue and air for pitch control
> 9. Relax embouchure and open up the aperture (or you will get no
> sound.)

I take lessons occasionally with a Roy Stevens pupil and these points that Ole wrote are essentially what he teaches.  I thought I would simply bring out what is stressed in my lessons:

1)  Say "Mmmm", lips touching, no tension
2)  Bring the horn to the lips, **no stretching** or contortions
3)  Open the jaw slightly and breathe in through the corners (corners stay forward)
4)  Gently bring lips together
5)  Bottom jaw should be forward enough to be almost even with top jaw
6)  Blow, don't let lips collapse into mouthpiece.
7)  Make sure lips are touching and *exposed* to the airstream at all times

He has me do an exercise with a pencil that strengthens the muscles in a very controlled and symetrical way.

It is very simple in theory.  It just takes time to let the muscles accustom themselves to the jaw position.  It has made a tremendous difference in sound, range, flexibility, and endurance for me.  I have some problems, but can feel that it is a strong foundation on which to build.