From: Tulsa Band <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 1997 13:45:27 -0500
Subject: Re: Warmup / Fatigue - Topics for discussion

> I wondered if people wouldn't mind discussing the following two topics.
> This may seem brain-dead obvious to some, but could enlighten others.

I think these are great questions, keep 'em coming!

> 1.  How do you know when you are "warmed up"?  How do you feel?  What
> diffence is noticed in your sound?  Please give a brief description of
> your typical warmup.

I use a warmup to get my mind and body ready to play.  This usually takes a couple of minutes (~5 minutes).  The sound is clearer and more resonant when I am warmed up.  I use expanding intervals starting on low C to warm up on, long tones.  I gave this process in an earlier post...

> 2.  How do you know when you are tired or fatigued?  Where does it show
> up first (range, tone, accuracy, articulation, fingers)?  How long do
> you play to get there?  How long can you play after you've gotten there?

Yes.  When I'm tired, range, tone, and accuracy suffer.  Most notably my accuracy goes out the window.  As far as how long I can play before getting tired, it depends on the music.  If I'm playing lead in a high energy big band, I start getting tired after a couple of hours.  In other circumstances, I never get tired.  When I practice, I often practice for 4-6 hours a day, and never really get seriously fatigued.  I do however take breaks throughout.  I concentrate on building up my chops, not destroying them...


- -Donovan-
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