Date: Thu, 23 Oct 97 09:23:43 UT
From: "J. Dixon" <>
Subject: Your Recommendations - Great Compositions for Wind Band

Dear TPINer's:
        Thanks for all the replies to my inquiry re your recommendations of compostions for wind band.  The list looks very interesting.  I thought you might like to view the entire list (with a little sorting):

[Jay Dixon -]

Holst:  First Suite for Band
Holst:  Second Suite for Band
Grainger:  Linconshire Posy
Reed:  La Fiesta Mexicana
Chance:  Variations on a Korean Folk Song
Hindemith:  Symphony in B-flat for Band
Manon Veen
Joio:  Variants on a Mediaeval Tune
Nelhybel:  Trittico
Duffy:  Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
Sousa:  I've Made My Plans for the Summer
Jager:  Esprit de Corps
Giannini:  Symphony #3
Williams, C.:  Fanfare and Allegro
McBeth:  Masque
Lizst (Hindley, arr.):  Les Preludes
Schuman:  Chester
Bennett:  Suite of Old American Dances
Creston:  Celebration Overture
Nelson:  Rocky Point Holiday
Husa:  Music for Prague
Milhaud:  Suite Francaisey
Hearshen:  Symphony on Themes of John Phillip Sousa
Sousa:  Stars & Stripes
Sousa:  The Untitled March
Sparke:  Fanfare, Romance and Finale
Meij:  The Lord Of The Rings
Camphouse:  Movement for Rosa
Dahl:  Sinfonietta
Verdi:  Emissary Fanfare
Vaughn-Williams:  Sea Songs and English Folk Suite
Piston:  Tunbridge Fair
Tulsa: (A portrait in Oils) Scenes from The Louvre
McBeth:  Masque
Nixon:  Centennial Fanfare and March
Bernstein:  Overture to Candide
Williams, John:  The Cowboys
de Haan:  Overture to a New Age
Chance:  Incantation and Dance
Giovaninni:  Jubilance
Arnold (Johnstone, arr.):  English Dances
Sparke:  Year Of The Dragon
Joio:  Satiric Dances
McBeth:  The Seventh Seal
Dukas (Hindslely, arr.):  The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Stamp:  Gavorkna Fanfare
Reed:  Russian Christmas Music
Holst:  Hammersmith
Melillo:  Stormworks
Gould:  West Point Symphony
Jacobs:  William Byrd Suite