Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 14:22:41 -0500 (CDT)
From: "Thomas G. Mungall, III" <>
Subject: Re: Boston Symphony posture

Ok, I thought a word on posture and concert deportment from the Master himself, Mr. Rafael Mendez would be in order.

        "There is a certain amount of 'show' connected with performing before and audience whether it be the school band...the symphony orchestra...or the dance band...." "The listening public likes to watch music being played as well as hear it. They will go miles to see a person in an ensemble or soloist they might have heard by turning the radio switch."

        "You must not only play your very best, therefore; you must also look your very best. When playing before the public, you are on show from the minute you appear until the performance is over. Think of this when raising or lowering your instrument. It is just as easy to be graceful as awkward. Instruments such as trumpets, cornets and trombones should be raised in an arc and brought to the lips. When not playing, the instruments should be returned to the rest position."

        "These are simple habits, easy to form.They will make you much more of a finished player. Check your posture and holding before the mirror every day. You will soon be so in the habit of correct holding that no thought will be necessary."

Rafael Mendez
"Prelude to Brass Playing", Carl
Fisher, Inc. 1966 pages 53,54.

Thomas G. Mungall, III
Baton Rouge, Louisiana