Vera Hørven
Twenty-one Norwegian trumpet soli

Vera Hørven (b. 1955) is a trained dentist and administrative data processing candidate from Norway. She was subject to a near fatal automobile accident in 1991. As part of her rehabilitation she picked up her old Conn Victor trumpet, a present from her farsighted parents 27 years earlier, and played herself back to health. She now enjoys performing as a church trumpeter and serving as a cornet teacher for children in school bands.

These etudes were written during her rehabilitation period. She found satisfaction through expressing her emotions by writing and performing these pieces. “Music has the power to heal broken hearts, and to make the joy of victory bloom like a garden”.

It is Vera's wish that you who play these pieces will experience something that may touch your life too: “Make these etudes your own. Choose tempi, and add slurs and dynamics according to your own musical taste. These etudes are yours, now!”

ISMN M-50000-243-7

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