Warm Up and Daily Exercises

Allen started this sesson by making a drawing of  his concept of what the practice session consist of. (See below). He then stated the following: "Beauty" is my concept.


1. Start with good sound
2. Maintenance phase
3. Play music.  "Buy low - sell high"

Some important notes:

Try this:
Blow lot of air through the mouthpiece, then put mouthpiece into horn - nice sound.
Big enemy:
Tension in the body.

Low degree of tension is the goal. Doing away with physical tensions.
Lip slurs not good for warm up. Use it later in practice.

Breathing exercises:
Count: one - two - three - breathe in (on four) - breathe out.

one - two - three - breathe in - hold a little - breathe out.

one - two - three - breathe in - add more air, add more - breathe out.

The Warm Up:
The whole group participated. We used the warm up routines from his books.

On the mouthpiece
Glissando from middle G up to G above staff, then down to pedal G. Crescendo on the last note.

On the instrument
Repeated C's tenuto then staccato. Continue down to low F sharp.

Smooth tones
In his book it is called "Long Tone Exercises".
Playing C - E - C, then C - E - G - E - C, etc. Going down all the seven valve-combinations.

Technical Studies
The Technical Studies in book one are variations on Clarke 2.
What is missing in the Clarke book is other scale types (minor, whole etc.).
Also use chords and not only major like in Clarke, but "jazz"-chords with raised or lowered 5th and 7th. (eg. C-E-G#-Bb).
"Why note learn half of improvisation, when practising?".