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Daily Warm Up -
Approaching brass playing

This is my current daily routine to approaching the skill or art of brass playing. The routines are based on ideas taken from books and from discussions on TPIN, and from some of TPIN's members like Nick Drozdoff. The reason I call it "approaching brass playing" is that I like to think I'm part of learning process all the time and that the steps I start with is like a physical and mental path towards playing music. In a way, this approach is to get ready for music or do just like Maurice Andre tells us: "just put the horn on the lips and play". This warm up can be done very quickly and some of the steps can be shortened. The important point is to get the whole body ready for brass playing - to get a good, happy and relaxed feeling.
NOTE: Always rest as much as you practice/play !

Starting with the whole body.

Breathing and relaxing the lips  Making a clean sound on the mouthpiece and training pitch recognition  Opening the throat and using a lot of air  Making the first open free sound on the instrument Now we are ready to play and work musically. The Arnold Jacobs "mantra" Song & Wind, may then be our guide, where the song or musical part is 85 % and the rest, 15 %, using the wind and the playing apparatus.