The Warm Up routine
These routines is derived from several methodes, like James Stamp, Allen Vizzutti, Clyde Hunt, Eddie Lewis, Arturo Sandoval, Bill Bing, Chase Sanborn, Mark Van Cleave, Don "Jake" Jacoby, Herbert L. Clarke and others. When I start playing during the day, after having done this main Warm Up, I use regular warm up's from those and other books that I like.
  1. Like Arturo Sandoval I like to start on the horn playing some long G's with a free and open sound. To focus the sound I will buzz the G and gently bring the horn to my lips. Mark VanCleave (MVC) talks about the ROC (resonant oral cavity) - to get that I will use some bending (down to F#). I do not use a regular attack, only pHOO or HOO- attack

  3. Expanding with long notes. Continue with F, then A, then Eb, then Bb etc. This routine can be found in Mark VanCleave's book number one or in "Jakes Method" (Don Jacoby's book) . Find the center of the sound (ROC). On some days I will go to G above staff, but on other days only to C in the staff.

  5. Aperture control with lip slurs. This exercise can be played at least in 3 different ways . A) like Claude Gordon: Using the tongue, saying AA -- EE and accenting or kicking the upper note. B) like in MVC's book 1: strong, fat lower note, softer on upper note and controlling the aperture (maximizing the opening and closing of the aperture). C) Combining A) and B)
  6. Continue up the harmonic series (C-G-C, then C-G-C-E, then C-G-C-E-G, etc.)


  7. Attack - using the tongue a'la Allen Vizzutti (part of his warm up section in all 3 books). Continue this pattern chromatically down to low F#. Play it strong and like a long sustained note. Exagerate the tenuto and staccato.

  9. Pattern playing, controlling fingers, lip movement and having fun (remember play music)

I like to finish this warm up with a pattern, playing it only from memory By not using written notes and changing speed, scales, and other parameters these patterns becomes my own routines: "I own them" so to speak.
I try to find different pattern for each day (7 pattern in a cycle). I use patterns from Herbert L. Clarke/Stamp like these 3 exercises:
[First Studie] [Second Studie] [Third Studie]
.. or from Vizzutis book (the technical exercises), or from James Stamp, exercise number 6. An important thing to do with the Clarke Exercises is to play them in minor, whole tone etc. (Allen Vizzuti's exercises is, IMO, variation on Clarke 2, with the important addition of using other scales)

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